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                      Ceremonial Body Painting

Being a women and knowing the depth of that takes time, some mistakes and some magic. Ritual and Ceremony are missing in our modern life. And it shows in our modern issues. 

This is a unique day of deep meaning, empowering intention. A day of feeling and knowing yourself, and your body through the relaxing and healing process of being intuitively painted and witnessing the process and the outcome. The image of yourself from the inside out. The energy of your true POWERFUL FEMINE SELF reviled. 

The day is for you, surrounded in nature and luxury, private and sacred grounds. A safe and healing environment to express your true nature and to harness the powerful energy of the sacred feminine spirit. 

This ceremony WILL change you. Body Painting has always been, although history a ritualistic act for courage, and permission to be more then who you are daily. This ceremony will change the way you relate and connect to your lover, your friends, and your family. 

Being paintined in itself is a healing experience. Hours of channeled energy from a nurturing and non judgmental healer. 

This work is an extension and visual expression of the work I have done for the past 30 years as an energy healer body worker and intuitive. 

My work is with the women of our world. To bring confidence and empowerment to our future inspiring mothers, lovers and partners. 

This experience is for those who are looking to know their true self as to honor that divine energy that is ONLY YOU. 

There are many layers to the effects of this ceremony. You will be photographed as to assure we capture your shamanic self. When you look through the images you will see more then you did that day, more meaning and more clarity of the colors and patterns that are co created by the two of us. These professional and powerful images will forever remind you of WHO you are and the beauty of your true being. 

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