I started in 1990 working CLOSELY and studying with a powerful shaman, doing healing work on those in recovery from addiction. I found myself drawn to the healing arts with a passion. I designed a promotional material where I painted what I sensed and saw on a body during my sessions, these and many more progressive images became published in several  Magazines around the globe. Which lent to a 17-year career as a body Painter in the healing arts. My work is my lifestyle. My body work feeds my ceremonial body painting and vice verse.  I have trained with a powerful and advanced healing teachers resulting in intense awakening to the core of the human condition.  I have  worked directly with the Maori Healers for the past 13 years, and received bodywork from some of the most powerful masters alive today. 

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 I have been reading Tarot since 1990, I started noticing the flow of information at a very young age. I was very ill as a child and this created a great deal of isolation. I grew up in the forest, the county with no TV and of course no internet. This I am so very grateful for. My exciting dream life and close call with death moved my soul to seek its self and universal Knowledge. 

I am trained in many different relaxing & healing  massage techniques; always a student, always studying world cultures. Most people have no idea how good the body is supposed to feel & my unique session(s) will help you explore that; leaving you to feel balanced, refreshed, empowered & confident. I offer a customized experience combining advanced energy work, insightful body-work, deep tissue release  & light comforting touch.
*balance mind, body & spirit 
*universal magic
*metaphysical world 

*Energetic Bodywork* drawing inspiration from Thai massage, yoga, Maori Healers, energy work, chakra clearing and balancing,  my bodywork practice focuses on accessing Qi (life force energy) and moving it throughout your entire body for healing and for intense and prolonged sensations of full body pleasure. I use light touch to awaken all of the senses then I move into deeper rhythmic movements and long, flowing, full body strokes. I practice a Taoist breathing technique that allows me to feel into my own Qi and transfer that feeling to you through my touch. You will feel waves of euphoric pleasure cascade your entire body over and over throughout the session leaving you energized for days to come. My clients report the most profound experiences of this energy work when they deeply surrender throughout the session. 

NCGMBT nationally certified in Massage, Reiki Practitioner, Japanese Oil Massage and am currently working with the largest CBD supplement manufacture in the US. I have extensive knowledge of herbal medicine and work with my clients to meet their personal healing needs.


Reiki Healing
Swedish Massage
Chakra Balancing 
Conciousness Breathing Techniques & Guided Meditation (hypnology) 
Sensory Repatterning
Trigger Points
Zero Balancing
Lymphatic Drainage 
Deep & Light touch
Healing Energy Work